OwlCam in North Boulder

Photo of two owlets, "Hedwig & Errol", taken April 21, 2008

We had the pleasure of watching the nest of two Great Horned Owls, “Harold” and “Maude” and their owlets, "Hedwig" and "Errol", for twelve weeks during the spring of 2008 (February 18 - May 9). The owlets fledged the week of May 5, 2008.

We've spotted our owl family (or a new one) in the area this spring. A new web cam has been set up by an NCAR neighbor in Boulder, Colorado. Here is the link to his web cam: OwlCam 2009

More about our Great Horned Owls

Photo of male great horned owl, by David Waltman The bird is one of the most common owls in North America, found everywhere from tundra to desert to rainforest. Known for its prominent ear tufts, the owl’s wingspan measures about 40-57 inches (101-145 centimeters). They nest early, laying eggs in January or February through April. Both the male and female incubate eggs for 30-35 days.

Photo of female great horned owl, 'Maude', by David WaltmanOwls often take over a nest used by some other large bird, sometimes adding feathers to line the nest but usually not much more. This owl couple took over our ravens’ nest from last year around February 18, 2008. These owls have not been the only squatters of the nest. During the summer of 2007, we had a family of sparrows who lived within the sides of the large nest.

Photo of male great horned owl on weather instrumentThe ravens have not been pleased with their living situation – occasionally circling the area, trying to reoccupy their home. The two owls are unconcerned with the ravens’ menacing behavior,and fiercely defend their 'new' nest.

Photo of owlet by Carlye CalvinBrooding is almost continuous until the offspring are about 2 weeks old, after which it decreases. Young owls move onto nearby branches at 6 weeks and start to fly about a week later. All adult Great Horned Owls are permanent residents of their territories.

Visit often to follow the progression of the owlets!

We would like to thank photographers David Waltman, Lorena Kauffman and Carlye Calvin for the use of their photos.