How to use the flight-route icing chooser map
To access the images which show the altitudes of the
icing along a given flight route, you simply put your
cursor over the green dot at the city you wish to examine,
and your cursor which change from an "arrow" (indicating
that the cursor is not over a "clickable" map location)
to a "hand" (indicating that the cursor is over a "clickable"
spot on the map). When the "hand" appears, look in the
grey box at the very bottom edge of your browser window,
and the names of the cities that are part of the cross-section
you can current select are shown (e.g. Denver_Wichita_Memphis
if your cursor is placed just to the northwest of Memphis
along the blue line that leads to Denver and passes over Wichita).

In some cases, several routes go into one city (Springfield,
Missouri, for example). When this is the case, you cannot
click directly on the green dot (e.g. at Springfield), but
rather must move your pointer a little ways along the blue
line (flight path), and you will get the little hand, etc.

When you click on an one of these portions of the map, you
will bring up a "vertical cross-section" of the icing along
that flight route. Icing, SLD, and visible moisture along
the flight path will be shown for altitudes between 0 and
30000 feet. Current PIREPs will also be indicated. Further
information regarding these plots is available under the