Projects List

Aviation Applications Projects


Dual Polarization
Icing Hazard Level Index
NCAR Turbulence Detection Algorithm (NTDA)

FAA Sensor Network Assessment

Numerical Modeling

Consolidated Storm Prediction for Aviation

In-Flight Icing

In-Flight Icing Product Development Team
Advanced Satellite Aviation Weather Products (ASAP) Program
High Ice Water Content (HIWC) Research
NASA Icing Remote Sensing System (NIRSS)
Icing Hazard Level Index

Aviation Turbulence

Graphical Turbulence Guidance Nowcast (GTGN)
Diagnose Convectively–Induced Turbulence (DCIT)
Turbulence characterization
Aviation turbulence forecasting (GTG and GTG2)
In Situ Turbulence

Ceiling and Visibility

National Ceiling and Visibility Analysis (NCVA)

Oceanic/Remote Weather

Oceanic Convection and Nowcasting
Oceanic Turbulence

Forecaster–Over–the–Loop Studies

Human Over the Loop (HOTL)


Aviation Digital Data Service (ADDS)
Experimental ADDS
NextGen Network Enabled Weather
Weather Technology in the Cockpit (WTIC)
Helicopter Emergence Medical Services (HEMS) Tool

Weather Integration Into Decision Making

Probabilistic Weather Integration with (ATM)
Winter Weather Research and Development

Satellite Applications

Terminal Area Weather

Low Level Windshear Alert System (LLWAS)
NASA Icing Remote Sensing System (NIRSS)
Juneau Airport Winds System
Taiwan ( AOAWS)
WTWS - Hong Kong
Icing Hazard Level Index

Terrain-Induced Wind Shear and Turbulence (Juneau)

Juneau Airport Wind System (JAWS)

International Aviation Weather System

Advanced Operational Aviation Weather system (AOAWS)
Wind Shear System Consultancy Services
Low Level Windshear Alert System (LLWAS)
Windshear and Turbulence Warning System - Hong Kong


Forecast Evaluation and Applied Statistics
Tropical Cyclone Modeling
Data Assimilation
Mesoscale Modeling

National Security Applications Projects

Sensor Data Fusion

Sensor Data Fusion (SDF)

Climate and Human Health

Dengue in Mexico
Plague in Uganda
Coastal Modeling
Modeling of Metropolitan Extreme Heat Risk (SIMMER)
Meningitis in Ghana

High Performance Computing for Operational Modeling

GPU Climate Laboratory
Network Attached Storage Topology
High Performance Clusters

Operational Numerical Weather Prediction

Large-Eddy Simulations and Microscale Modeling Applications
Land–surface modeling
Coastal modeling
Israeli Air Force
NYC Meteorology
Iraqi Freedom
Enduring Freedom
Wildfire Management
Army Test–Range Support
Wind–Power Prediction
Ensemble Wind Forecasting for China
VLES Forecasting for Korean Wind Farms
WRF based RTFDDA System for PME

High Resolution Climate Analysis and Prediction

Downscaling Seasonal Precipitation Prediction
Wind Farm Prospecting
Global Current-Climate Downscaling
Eastern Mediterranean Current-Climate Downscaling
Climate Downscaling for Hazardous Plume Transport
Defining Regional Climate for Army Ranges
Global Climatology Analysis Tool

Modeling Plumes of Hazardous Materials

Sensor Data Fusion
Salt Lake City Olympics
Athens Olympics
Torino Olympics
Joint Urban 2003
Bioaerosol Study
Meteorological Data Server
Boulder Fire Dept Support

Numerical Weather Prediction Research and Development

Range-Scale Modeling - 4DWX
Future Combat Systems
Land-Atmosphere Interaction
DTRA Coastal Urban
Urban Meteorology
Improved Data Assimilation
Boundary-Layer Process that Affect Wind-Energy Production
Climatological analyses of the marine environment

Climate Science and Applications Program Projects

Water Resources and Climate

Climate Change Impacts on Water
Water Law and Institutions
Water Banking and Drought Mitigation

Weather, Climate and Health

Dengue in Mexico
Plague in Uganda
Modeling of Metropolitan Extreme Heat Risk (SIMMER)
Meningitis in Ghana
Interfacing Water, Climate, and Society: A Resource List

Institutional Aspects of Vulnerability and Adaptation

Urban Futures

Dynamics of urbanization shaping urban emissions, vulnerability and risk
Adaptation to the health risks from temperature and air pollution (ADAPTE)
Urban populations' capacity to perceive and respond to risks
Institutional capacity for climate policies in cities
Training and capacity building
IPCC AR5 WGII: Climate Change 2014: Impacts, Adaptation, and Vulnerability

Geographic Information Systems

GIS program
GIS Climate Change
Modeling of Metropolitan Extreme Heat Risk (SIMMER)


Weather Systems and Assessment Program Projects

Surface Transportation

Maintenance Decision–Support System (MDSS)
Connected Vehicles

Renewable Energy

DOE SunCast Solar Forecasting
Forecasting for Wind Energy
Wind Power Prediction Modeling
Boundary-layer Processes & Wind Energy
Advanced Wind Energy Prediction
NCAR's Role in Wind and Solar Energy Prediction
Wind Energy Prediction - R&D Workshop
Energy Sector

Soil Condition Analysis and Prediction

NASA Agriculture Decision Support

Weather Prediction – Statistical Optimization

Dynamic, Integrated Forecast system (DICast®)
Location Optimized Gridded & Integrated Forecast (LOGICast™) System

Integration Of Social Science & Atmospheric Research

Societal Impacts Program

International Aviation Weather System Development

Advanced Operational Aviation Weather system (AOAWS)
Wind Shear System Consultancy Services
Low Level Windshear Alert System (LLWAS)
Windshear and Turbulence Warning System - Hong Kong
2025 Aviation System - NextGen

Hydrometeorological Applications Projects

Convective Weather – Hydrometeorology

Current Projects

Short Term Explicit Prediction Program (STEP)
Thunderstorm Auto Nowcasting
National Convective Weather Forecast Product (Web Training)
Nowcasting for Army Test and Evaluation Command (ATEC) Ranges
Forecaster Over-the-Loop Evaluation (NWS & WSI)

Aerosols and Precipitation

Current Projects

Idaho Power
India | Cloud Aerosol Interaction and Precipitation Enhancement Experiment (CAIPEEX)
Wyoming | Weather Modification Pilot Project

Hydrometeorological Processes at the Land Surface

Current Projects

Colorado Headwaters
WRF-Hydro Modeling System
Water System Program
Flash Flood System (view article)
North American Monsoon Experiment (view article)
Climate Impacts on local water resource management tool: WEAP (view article)

Cloud Microphysics

In–flight Icing
Short Term Explicit Prediction
Terrain–influenced Monsoon Rainfall Experiment
Water System Program

Winter Storms and Snowpack

Aircraft Ground Deicing
Consolidated Storm Prediction for Aviation (CoSPA)
Colorado Headwaters
Evaluating winter instrumentation | Marshall
Measuring Soil Moisture and Snow Depth with GPS
Winter orographic cloud seeding potential | Wyoming

Water Resource Management

Water System Program