West Africa Demonstration


Most of Africa's disasters are meteorological in origin. As a result, an improved weather-forecasting infrastructure is needed there in order to better serve agricultural, public-health, and public-safety needs. Our immediate objective is to meet these needs through a prototype operational WRF-based modeling system.


Because of the lack of adequate mesoscale-model guidance for use by operational forecasters in Africa, we are utilizing the WRF model as the basis for a prototype operational system for the continent in general, and for West Africa in particular. This modeling system produces new 36 hour forecasts every 6 hours, on a triply nested grid that has grid increments of 40.5, 13.5 and 4.5 km. Forecast products are made available, through a public web interface, to operational forecasters from all African counties. Model improvements are based on subjective feedback from forecasters in various countries. A formal partner in the evaluation of this prototype forecast system is the Ghana Meteorological Agency.

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