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Software Release 6.0

Instructions for downloading MDSS R6.0.tar file and letter from Federal Highways Administration

Changes since Release–5 (Nov 2007) include new data sets that help to provide additional tactical information on weather events. Data such as Automated Vehicle Location (AVL) information, truck camera images, and webcam images from fixed locations can now be viewed on the display. The observation processing subsystem has been enhanced to allow easier addition of forecast sites by using weather forecast elements as surrogates for missing Environmental Sensor Station (ESS) observation data. This allows new (and intermittently observing) sites to work more seamlessly within the requirements of the road temperature model called Model of the Environment and Temperature of Roads (METRo). An event playback capability has been added to view previous weather forecasts and treatment recommendations. This capability requires that previous data be maintained on the MDSS server for an extended period of time, dependent on disk resources. Initial work was performed to transition the source of ESS data from MADIS to the new Clarus system ( The components of this work are included, but because of the lack of ESS data available from the Clarus system covering the demonstration area (Colorado), these components were not completely interfaced to the MDSS system.

From this web site you can register for the MDSS Release-6.0 components you are interested in and download the .tar file. The .tar file will include code, documentation, and specifications.

Release candidate 6.1.0.rc is a BETA release which extends forecasts to 72 hours with hourly updates. The contents in the tar file are provided without installation testing or documentation updates.

As seen in the system architecture diagram, the Research Applications Laboratory uses the Road Weather Forecast System (RWFS) to produce weather forecasts for the MDSS. The RWFS is not distributed as part of the Federal Prototype MDSS, but if an organization or individual is interested in using this code, they may contact Sheldon Drobot (ph. 303.497.2705 | email: A free one-year trial license is available for the RWFS.