Thomas Hopson


Scientist I
Hydrometeorology Applications Program (HAP)


Job Duties

Research in hydrometeorological applications; operational daily to seasonal flood forecasting for Bangladesh..

Professional Interests

Conducting research in probabilistic river discharge forecasting, seasonal forecasts of water resources, statistical corrections to numerical weather prediction output, multi-model approaches, and verification measures for ensemble forecasting.


B.A. in Physics, 1989, Rice University, Houston, TX GPA: 3.7 (A=4.0); Graduated Cum Laude; Sigma Pi Sigma member (student honor society of the American Physical Society); Max Roy and Class of 1936 merit scholarships received M.S. in Civil Engineering, Water Resources Emphasis, 1999, University of Colorado, Boulder, CO GPA: 3.8 (A=4.0); Colorado Fellowship recipient M.S. in Astrophysical, Planetary and Atmospheric Sciences, 2001, University of Colorado, Boulder, CO GPA: 3.9 (A=4.0)

Ph.D. in Astrophysical, Planetary and Atmospheric Sciences, 20005, University of Colorado, Boulder, CO, GPA: 3.9 (A=4.0)


Hopson, T. and P. J. Webster, Probabilistic Flood-Forecasting for Bangladesh: Application of ECMWF Ensemble Weather Forecasts to Operational Discharge Forecasting, J. Hydromet., (under review).

Hopson, T.M. and P.J. Webster, Verifying the Relationship between Ensemble Forecast Spread and Skill, Mon. Weath. Rev. (in review).

Hopson, T.M. and P.J. Webster, A Length-scale for the Effects of Sea-level Variation on Upstream Flooding with Application to Flood Forecasting in Bangladesh, Wat. Resour. Res. (in review).

Hopson, T., Operational Flood-Forecasting for Bangladesh, University of Colorado Ph.D. Dissertation, Department of Astrophysical, Planetary, and Atmospheric Science, 2005.

Qualls, R.J. and T.M. Hopson, Combined Use of Vegetation Density, Friction Velocity, and Solar Elevation to Parameterize the Scalar Roughness for Sensible Heat, J. Atmos. Sci., 55, 108-118, 1998.

Shankland T.J., P.A. Johnson, T.M. Hopson, Elastic Wave Attenuation and Velocity of Berea Sandstone Measured in the Frequency Domain, Geophys. Res. Let, 20 (5), 391-394, 1993.

Johnson, P.A., T.M. Hopson, and T.J. Shankland, Frequency Domain Travel Time (FDTT) Measurement of Ultrasonic Waves by use of Linear and Nonlinear Sources, J. Acoust. Soc. Amer., 92, 2842-2850, 1992.




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