Jeff Lazo

Project Scientist
Weather Systems & Assessment Program (WSAP)
Program Manager: Societal Impacts Program


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Job Duties

Director of the Collaborative Program on the Societal and Economic Benefits of Weather Information (the Societal Impacts Program). The Societal Impacts Program aims to improve the societal gains from weather forecasting by infusing social science and economic research, methods, and capabilities into the planning, execution, and analysis of weather information, applications, and research directions.

Professional Interests

Nonmarket valuation, value of information, environmental economics, risk perception research, survey research, and econometric analysis..


University of Colorado, PhD, Economics, 1993
University of Colorado, MA, Economics, 1989
University of Denver, BA, Economics and Philosophy, 1986

Selected Publications

Lazo, J., P.D. Allen, R. Bishop, D. Beltman, and R. Rowe. “Planning for Ecological Restoration in the Lower Fox River and Green Bay, Wisconsin: Determining Trade-offs among Ecologic Services.” In Integrating Ecologic Assessment of Economics to Manage Watershed Problems, R.J.F. Bruins and M. Heberlein (eds.). CRC Press, Boca Raton, FL. Forthcoming, 2004.

Smith, J.B., J.K. Lazo, and B. Hurd. 2003. “The Difficulties of Estimating Global Non-Market Damages from Climate Change.” In Global Climate Change: The Science, Economics and Politics. J.M. Griffin (ed.). Edward Elgar, Northampton, MA. pp. 114-139.

Lazo, J.K. 2002. “Economic Valuation of Ecosystem Services: Discussion and Application.” Drug and Chemical Toxicology 25(4):349–374.

Smith, J.B. and J.K. Lazo. 2001. “A Summary of Climate Change Impact Assessments from the U.S. Country Studies Program.” Climatic Change 50:1-29.

Lazo, J.K., J. Kinnell, and A. Fisher. 2000. “Expert and Lay Perceptions of Ecosystem Risk.” Risk Analysis 20(2):179-193.

Lazo, J.K., J.C. Kinnell, T. Bussa, A. Fisher, and N. Collamer. 1999. “Expert and Lay Mental Models of Ecosystems: Inferences for Risk Communication.” Risk: Health, Safety, and the Environment 10(1):45-64.

Lazo, J.K., G.H. McClelland, and W.D. Schulze. 1997. “Economic Theory and Psychology of Non-Use Values.” Land Economics, August, 73(3):358-371.

Lazo, J.K., W.D. Schulze, G.H. McClelland, and J.K. Doyle. 1992. “Can Contingent Valuation Measure Non-Use Values?” American Journal of Agricultural Economics. December.