Robert Sharman

Project Scientist
Aviation Applications Program (AAP)

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Job Duties

Organize, conduct research, and develop forecasting strategies for aircraft scale turbulence in the free atmosphere, viz., clear-air turbulence (CAT), mountain wave induced turbulence and convectively induced turbulence. Develop and test coupled numerical weather prediction models with application models such as sound propagation models to derive special interest forecasts. .

Professional Interests

Mountain waves and mountain wave breakdown, mesoscale simulations, turbulence simulations, aircraft scale turbulence.


B.S., UCLA, 1969, Mechanical engineering
M.S., UCLA, 1971, Mechanical engineering
Ph.D., UCLA, 1981, Atmospheric Sciences

Selected Publications

Sharman, R.D. and M.G.Wurtele, 1983: Ship waves and lee waves. /J. Atmos. Sci.,/ *40*, 396-427.

Sharman, R.D., T.L.Keller, and M.G.Wurtele, 1988: Incompressible and anelastic flow simulations on numerically generated grids. /Mon. Wea. Rev/., *116*, 1124-1136.

Wurtele, M.G., A.Datta, and R.D.Sharman, 1996: The propagation of gravity-inertia waves and lee waves under a critical level. /J. Atmos. Sci.,/*53*/,/1505-1523/.

Tebaldi, C., D. Nychka, B. G. Brown, and R. Sharman, 2002: Flexible discriminant techniques for forecasting clear-air turbulence. /Environmetrics 2002/, *13*, 859-878.

Lane, T.P., R.D. Sharman, T.L. Clark, and H.-M. Hsu, 2003: An investigation of turbulence generation mechanisms above deep convection. /J. Atmos. Sci./, *60*, 1297-1321.

Sharman, R. D. and M.G. Wurtele, 2004: “Three-dimensional structure of forced gravity waves and lee waves,” /J. Atmos. Sci/, *61*, 664-680.

Frehlich, R. and R. Sharman, 2004: “Estimates of turbulence from numerical weather prediction model output with applications to turbulence diagnosis and data assimilation,” in press /Mon. Wea. Rev.