mammatus clouds at sunset

Greg Thompson Associate Scientist Research Applications Program National Center for Atmospheric Research P.O. Box 3000 Boulder, Colorado 80301-3000 Foothills Laboratory (303) 497-2805 e-mail:

Curriculum Vitae
Brief Bio
I grew up in Charm City - Baltimore, Maryland. I received a Bachelor's Degree in Meteorology from Penn State in 1990 and a Master's Degree in Atmospheric Science from Colorado State Univ in 1993. I am a member of the American Meteorological Society (AMS) and the National Weather Association (NWA). Within the NWA, I am a member of the Aviation Weather Committee. Basically, I'm a "weather weenie".

Main Research
The core of my research relates to development & improvement of in-flight aircraft icing diagnosis and prediction. At this time, this primarily involves numerical modeling of microphysical processes using the MM5 model. I also maintain a suite of Realtime Weather data pages which led to the creation of an aviation weather data site.

supercell thunderstorm over windmill    On a lighter note, I enjoy
   Photographing weather phenomenon (and nature in general).
   Chasing storms, particularly tornado-producing storms.
   Hiking in the Colorado mountains.
   Making and drinking homebrew.